One School, One Book


Charlotes web book imageAnnouncing This Year’s Title: Charlotte’s Web!

What is One School, One Book?
One School, One Book
is a program designed to create a shared reading experience within a single elementary school community. A chapter book is chosen, every student receives a copy, and every family reads that book at home over the course of a single month. Activities at school coordinate, promote and enrich the shared reading experience.

Before You Begin
One School, One Book is a novel program in that children at all grade levels will all be listening to the same book.

The books is a gift to you and your family from the Jane Ryan PTA, and we thank them for their support in making One School, One Book possible. We aim to build a community of readers at our school.

Weekly Reading
Read at your own pace. Below we hear our excellent Jane Ryan teachers reading chapters aloud.

Chapter 1


Chapter 3 –


Chapter 4 –


Chapter 6 – 

Chapter 7 – 


Chapter 10 –


Chapter 11 – 


Chapter 12 – 



Chapter 15 – 


Chapter 16 – 


Chapter 21 – 


Chapter 22 –