NEW Online Directory

You can now register ONLINE for the Jane Ryan PTA & Membership directory!

Jane Ryan PTA Membership is only $10 per family ($7 for Staff/Faculty), plus an additional $2 for a printed copy of the Jane Ryan Directory (optional). You’ll also be able to make contributions to the JR PTA through this system. Payment will be collected online via PayPal as well.

Please add your information to the online directory by September 29 by copying and pasting this link into a new browser window: If you are a JR faculty member AND a JR parent, follow the below instructions (FYI, JR faculty members who are NOT JR families will receive different instructions in a separate email).

Here are some quick tips:

  • Be sure to enter student information in Step 1 prior to entering household information
  • Home phone can be entered under the “Home Phone and Address” section (so you can enter cell or work phone #’s under the “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” sections)
  • Emails for Parent 1 and Parent 2 cannot be the same. You can however, leave email blank for parent 2
  • Save in Step 3 to update and confirm your data. Note – you can EXCLUDE your information from appearing in the online and print directory if you are only joining PTA and don’t want to be included in the directory
  • You will receive your secure login ID after the administrators confirm and verify your information – this will not be done automatically, they will be handled in batches, so it may be some time (possibly a week or longer) before this email is sent out.

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