Note from Nurse Sloan – Fall 2016

Note from Nurse Sloan – Fall 2016

Note from Nurse Sloan – Fall 2016

Another School Year
Another school year again is here
When I get to bend your ear!
I know I say this every year
but this info you need to hear!

Do not send your child in sick
or back home they’ll be real quick
fever, vomit or pink eye
sent to school will not fly!

If your child will be absent or late
call my number don’t hesitate.
Leave a message day or night
as the machine does invite!

If my number you do not know
don’t get upset, you just go
to the handy magnet I’ll give to you
even if you are not brand new!

Tis the season for colds and flu,
so a good time for a quick review.
Emergency phone numbers are a must
keeping current saves a lot of fuss!

Our new food policy has worked out well
just a few hiccups from what I can tell.
Though no more pizza or ice cream,
it’s not as bad as it may seem.

Non edible treats are very cool,
there are many at Jane Ryan School!!
A gift certificate to the school store
to buy their tchotchkes and much more!

I know that we all feel the same,
that health and safety is our aim.
So let us all just work as one
providing the students healthy fun!

Nurse Sloan